Tobacco chamber : 19,0 mm - 20,0 mm

Smoke Channel: 4,0 mm

Taphole: 7,0 mm

Smoke channel of the
mouth-piece :
2,5 mm - 3,0 mm

Bit material : 3,5 mm - 4,0 mm

Bit material : ebonite, cumberland,
synthetic amber, zebrano, boxwood,
ebony, silver,
greenlandic sperm whale tooth

It is very important that each pipe has walls of
at least 5 mm thickness to avoid "burnout"
There must be enough material!

The smoke channel is 4mm, this is to aviod
to much condensation occuring within
the pipe wich will cause the pipe to
smoke sour.

Smoking an idskov Pipe should be an enjoyment
each and every time.
And that's exactly what it is!